Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Official Invitation

The official invitation for the winter exhibit at Metafora International Workshop is here! This seasons theme is called [Fill This Space] and the stages of preparation have begun with great enthusiasm.

(Click on thumbnail to see full view of invitation)

This years students hail from over 13 different countries and span thirty years of age difference. This colorful mix of artisans have coagulated into a cohesive and supportive network for each other and will present their variety of works in Metafora's studio space on 12 December 2008.
The artists, who will all be on location, are:

Cori Wright - U.K.
Linda Fernandez - U.S.A.
Mika Kemper - U.K.
Colette Grenville - U.K.
Erik van der Gaag - Holland
Zoe Marsden - Hong Kong
Pawel Piotr Prezewlocki - Poland
Stella Gudmundsdottir - Iceland
Philip Goss - U.K.
Robyn Highlove - U.S.A.
Nadia Medani - U.K.
Ron Erlich - Israel
Wang Yuan Wen - Taiwan
Mara Sylvain - France
Zhanar Erzhanova - Kazakstan
David Bell - Earth
Helen Manacourt - U.K.
Rosemoon Cunningham - U.K.
Stella Vassiliou - Australia
Mix Aymlo - U.K.
Debbie Sun - St. Croix
Rebecca Krisel - France/U.S.A.
Simon Hiliges - Sweeden
Adrain Molina - U.S.A.
Caroline Wilson - U.S.A.
Oya Metin - Turkey

You may begin your enthusiasm now! See you in a few weeks!!!

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